Day 1 / How do I quit my job?

I need to quit my job. But, I don’t want to lose my paycheck. But I don’t want to lose my mind either. So, trying to figure out how to cut back and make some side money. People make money blogging, right? Need to get that going. Maybe an etsy store? Will people pay for custom wedding invitations? Or logo designs? Or maybe paintings… I miss painting. Especially my furniture. I haven’t painted furniture in over a year and that makes me sad… so much I wanted to try.

Day 1 Beginner’s Workout.

Since I can’t control my work situation right now, going to start working on controlling my body.

Went well… was hard too!!

Woke up at 6:30 am, having a glass of water and yogurt with granola for breakfast. Then, coffee…. lots of coffee because I’m TIRED already.

Even though I’m stressed, West always makes me feel better. Looking at him makes me happy. He’s my miracle.

Until Day 2…