I Workout?

I’M SO BUSY. No time for anything. Baby, work, house, food, sleep occasionally. Working full time and taking care of a baby is no joke; not for the weak of heart. And, I think I might be on the verge of losing my mind. But, I have to keep going. We can’t afford daycare and can’t afford not to have my income so here we are… stuck in a crazy stressful life.

I’m so ready to have my body back though. I think I’ve started regaining my weight. I refuse to weigh myself because I don’t want to add to the stress that I already have.

My beautiful boy is two and half months old and growing way too fast. We took him swimming for the first time yesterday!


Love that boy….

And it’s almost football season!!!



Can’t wait… I feel like it’s been a really long time.

But, anyways, I found out about the diastasis recti issue where your abs don’t come back together after pregnancy. It grosses me out and has to be fixed before you can think about trying to get real abs going. The exercises are easy and you can definitely feel them the next day.

I’ve done this one:



And i’m going to try these next:

Hand Guidance

This exercise involves using your hands to knit your abdominal muscles together in the correct position. To perform, lie on your back with your feet on the ground. Cross your hands over each other, placing one hand on each side of your abdominal muscles. Inhale, then slowly breathe out and raise only your head off the ground. As you lift up, gently guide your stomach muscles together. If you prefer, you can wrap a sheet or towel around your stomach and pull the ends together to guide the stomach muscles. Lower your head to your starting position and repeat 10 times. Perform an additional two sets throughout the day.

Heel Slide

This exercise works the transverse abdominis, the muscle group compromised during diastasis recti. Lie on your back with your feet on the ground. You may wish to place your hands, palms down, under your buttocks for additional support. Lift your toes off the ground, leaving only your heel on the floor. Gently slide this foot out to straighten your leg. Hold the straight-leg position for five seconds, then slide the leg back in toward you. Repeat the exercise eight times, then perform on the opposite leg.

Pelvic Tilt

This gentle exercise helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles affected by diastasis recti through a gentle scooping motion. Lie on your back and extend your left leg slightly, but maintain a bend in the knee. Place your right foot on the ground, knee bent. Gently tilt your pelvis in toward your chest, feeling the lower back move to the floor. Do not, however, lift the pelvis or buttocks off the floor. Return your pelvis to your starting position, then repeat the exercise 10 times.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/388423-corrective-exercises-for-diastasis-recti/#ixzz2ckZbDd00

Also, got the beginner’s calendar from blogilates:



I really just want to start with the exercises on here to get back going. Her stuff is always fun 😉 I sure remember doing the Gangnam Style workout a few times before I was pregnant!

This workout seems fun, too. Working out with songs:



Ok, enough for now. Hopefully I can get some exercise in tomorrow… we will see. It’s my birthday this weekend and hopefully I will be getting drunk so I’ll need to burn some extra calories now to make up for that 😉

Off to organize my pinterest boards…