Back In Black

Whoooo! Finally painting the dressers black again. My camera is dead or I’d take a picture so you can see! So excited to get them back in the room!! Will post pics later tonight.

So, this weekend I didn’t do much working out. Did do a lot of cleaning because my house needs it BAD. Still have a lot to do but it was productive overall. Also, I watched  VH1s Top 100 Songs of the 2000s. SO Good!! Makes me dance around the house while I clean:) Like this:

LOL every time I see this I laugh.

I did find some target area workouts to tone up! I’ve decided I don’t mind my weight, I just don’t want to be jiggly anymore. Here’s some of them from

Sleek and Slender Abs:

They’re all on the beach, too! So maybe I’ll go to the beach and do these? Ha, no. How embarrassing would that be?

Spankin Booty Workout:

Fine Tone Arms Workout:

They’ve got videos for all of them on the blog as well. I’m not sure which workout I’ll do tonight yet. Maybe all of them? Probably not. Probably some cardio (Gangnam Style) and arms. I want sexy arms!!

– Jessica


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