I’m Breaking Up With Body Rock

It’s not you, it’s me. Just kidding, it’s you. I’ve decided to part ways with the 30 day body rock system and take my own route. Every other exercise I’ve done has been fun. Maybe it’s because they wanted me to do mountain climbers and burpees mixed with other stuff. Maybe I’m just taking it out on BodyRock and they didn’t do anything wrong. But, I’ve decided that if I’m going to do this, it’s going to be fun. So – more sexy body by sexual big booty lady (here) and less learn all these complicated moves and do them a few times and die.

Whew – sorry for the rant. But, tonight I’m doing some fun pop dance workout stuff!

Here you go 🙂

The  “That’s What Makes You Bootyful” Booty Challenge! WOAH Painful!

One Direction, please give me this booty:

There’s this one too, but I think my legs have had enough for the day:

SO DAY FOUR is over! And I’m still challenging myself. I’m still going! Just not with BodyRock, sorry guys…

Today wasn’t a great food day either.

Breakfast: Nutrigrain bar that made me want to puke. Ew.
Lunch: Wendy’s Hamburger (ugh, gross)
Dinner: Manwich, Cheese biscuit, green beans

So Unhealthy today, but not gonna punish myself. Just going to work harder tomorrow to eat better!!

On to paint another coat of primer! (My last coat for the dressers!!!!!) Can’t wait to have them back in my bedroom 🙂



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