Woah. Day Three

OK, today is unofficially named “Jessica walks like a penguin” day because OMG I was sore all day! BUT I still did day three of the BodyRock workout challenge! Whooooo so proud of myself for that!! Feeling the burn though!

Day Three Here —–

First Exercise: Body Rock Burn Workout!
Touchdowns: 15, 14, 14
Spider Push-ups: 8, 9, 10 (modified because my arms hate their lives right now) BOX Pushup then leg lift
Tuck Abs: 18, 16, 15
Hanging Knee Ups: 20, 23, 23 (also modified due to lack of arm life) Feet on the floor, one leg raised at a time

Second Exercise: Body Rock Sculpt Workout!
Bicep Curl & Press: 13
Shoulder Press: 24
Squats: 23
Triceps: 23
Round the World (LOVE): 8
Upright Row: 29
Bent Over Row: 30
Abs: 23

SO WOW Feeling good today! Tired though – ready for day 4!

My food wasn’t so great today, whoops. Not punishing myself for eating poorly though…

Breakfast: A CINNAMON ROLL (I know)
Lunch: One apple, 20 FRENCH FRIES (again, ugh, know)
Dinner: Kicken Chicken (YUM): Buffalo chicken wrap (FRIED) and more FRENCH FRIES and ranch.

Don’t scold me, I was going with what we had in the house (and then craving some real food) 😉

Also, hope I can keep my boobs like this:

And get a butt like this:

Always nice to have some goals and inspiration. Photos from Fuck Yeah Fitspo.

Oh yeah and I weighed myself this morning. Was scared to do that but it wasn’t too bad. I’m at 154.8 today. I’m thinking of setting my short term goal weight at 130. I’m not worried about the number, just the shape that my body gets into.




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