Day 1: What Am I Doing?

What am I getting myself into?

Before pics (No judgement, please):

Also, don’t mind the mess. Our whole bedroom is crazy because we don’t have dressers to put clothes in!

So, day 1 (Monday, September 24, 2012) fit test. 50 second work, 10 second break, 3 rounds each.

Squats: 21, 21, 21
Push-ups (box): 24, 22, 21
Tricep Dips: 13, 13, 13
Abs: 20, 19, 20

No clue how good or bad this is. But, I’m not comparing to others. Just to myself at the end of the month.

Dinner: Baked Chicken Parm (Chicken, shake and bake, spaghetti noodles, mozzarella cheese) and peas. Dessert: YUMMY smoothie (spinach, frozen fruits, banana, water).

Tomorrow: Body Flow (Yoga?)

Also, thought I would throw in a link to the interval timer I used online (which worked AWESOME and is FREE) 🙂 TIMER – Not sure what a tabata is but I used tabatas as rounds. So, for this first fit test I did 4 cycles, 3 tabatas! Yay free stuff!



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