Starting Today


So I found BodyRock through Pinterest recently. They have a 30 day challenge that I’m starting today. I am taking pictures and will post them since no one is reading this to judge me 😉 I will post my progress (intervals, etc.) And, I’m going to post what I eat, even if it’s terrible, just to keep track of it. I can’t quit if I’m posting about it, right? Right. Starting now.

I don’t have any of the equipment. I want the Ugi ball but it is $100. Yes, 100 dollars for a workout ball. But, I found a similar one on Amazon – 6 pounds for $14. Much better – will order on Friday when my husband gets paid!

More of this:

Less of this:


Update on dressers – got two coats of primer on one of the dressers! This is taking longer than expected but I look forward to getting to work on them even if it’s for an hour every few days. But, I’m ready to have a place to put my clothes again!! Will post a picture when the next dresser is all primed up and ready to be painted!



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