Hello people!

I’m going to pick things that I want to try and upload how it’s going. My first project: re-painting my dressers. My husband and I moved to South Carolina on January 1st and didn’t have room for our old dressers. So, we chopped them up and threw them in the dump. So, we got moved into our new apartment and had clothes everywhere with no place to put them. So, my lovely husband (the frugal shopper that he is) found us two wooden dressers for $40 from Goodwill. It was very obvious that they were because they had the classic old, Goodwill smell which lingered through the house. There is no way I was putting my clothes in those stinky drawers so I decided to paint them to try to cover up the wonderful scent. They looked amazing when I was finished! But, the paint is already peeling (because I had no clue what I was doing) and the inside of the drawers need to be painted as well. So… painting dressers phase 2 begins now. And I’ll be using primer this time! After Googling around for sites on how to paint wooden dressers I realized my faults and will be giving it another go…

Reference: http://www.sasinteriors.net/2012/08/how-to-paint-laminate-furniture/

Since I don’t have a power sander, I will attempt to hand-sand the smoother parts of the dressers. Maybe I should invest in some power tools…

Here is a before (post phase 1 painting, pre phase 2 painting):


Looks good from afar, right?? Not up close:

My husband put a glass of water on the dresser about a week after they were painted. This happened… yes I had to bite my tongue.

Some other issues: I painted the inside of my drawers yellow. And I hate it now. Also, some of the yellow paint got on the outside of the drawers. It looks terrible!


So, the “touch up” of my failed project begins. Any suggestions would be appreciated… updates soon.

A drawer with some spray paint primer and a little bit of hand sanding on the front. I say a little because I got tired and quit..

That took a lot of spray paint. So, I’m going to get some non-spray primer to use. Got a lot of work to do…
– Jessica


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